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Construction is arguably the most influential part of a building’s existence.

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Commercial and residential buildings should withstand violent storms and changing seasons — but you also want them to stand out through artful architectural design. You need innovative construction solutions from a top-rated contractor to achieve these feats.

At Above & Beyond Roofing & Construction, our company name says it all. We go above and beyond with:

  • Construction planning
  • New building construction
  • Remodeling services

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We proudly serve Wichita, Kansas, Derby, Rose Hill, Valley Center, Park City, and surrounding communities with five-star contractor services. 

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What To Expect From Commercial and Residential Construction Projects

The thriving community in Wichita, Kansas, relies on homes and businesses that support the local economy and culture. Both elements require well-constructed buildings that withstand the tests of time. Discover how our building services can enhance your commercial or personal property below. 

Commercial Construction

You likely began your business with a long-term strategy to sustain its continued growth and success. We have a similar approach for your commercial construction project. Our contractors carefully review zoning, municipal regulations, and resource budgets to erect a commercial structure that effectively houses your business operations. 

Residential Construction

Home is where the heart is. Whether you plan to build your house from the ground up or modify the property with new structures, you need a company specializing in creative construction management to craft a secure yet attractive place to live. Let’s work together to elevate your neighborhood while perfecting your new home with our extensive residential construction solutions.  

Our New Construction Service Process in Wichita, Kansas

We’ve developed a comprehensive approach to ensuring successful construction projects throughout our years of experience. Each service starts with our team procuring the appropriate permits and ends with a smooth closing experience. Explore our process in depth below. 

Planning and Regulatory Requirements

First, we determine how to zone the construction site. Our professional team will:

  • Survey the project’s environmental impact
  • Review local regulations regarding new construction projects
  • Obtain the necessary permits
  • Determine infrastructure services needed for the project


Next, our architects will work with you to sketch a rough idea of the building’s layout. This sketch will likely change throughout the project until construction officially begins. However, it lays the groundwork for what your resources can acquire. 


Then, we determine whether the rough sketch is fully feasible. We’ll work with you to finalize the blueprint before moving forward with the building construction in Wichita, KS. 

Project Planning

Once we finalize the blueprint, we plan for the rest of your construction project. This phase mostly consists of setting reasonable objectives, such as:

  • Project deliverables and scope
  • Construction timeline
  • Sourcing materials
  • Procuring and moving the equipment needed to move forward with the next steps


Finally, we can break ground and begin building your new home or business. We lay the foundation, erect supporting structures, and top it off with a secure roof. Our team also works with professional plumbers and electricians to ensure all networks are up to code. 


Once we complete the construction phase, we work with municipal officials to inspect the new building, documenting how well it measures against local codes. This phase can last between one day and a month. However, our diligence usually ensures our projects move forward faster. 


Our team collaborates with you a final time to close the project. This last stage involves:

  • Confirmation that we finished the project to your satisfaction
  • Documentation and other administrative duties
  • Arranging your payment for our completed services 

Once we complete the closing phase, you get complete access to your newly constructed home or business. 

Other Construction Services To Improve Your Property

Our services extend beyond full construction. We also provide related construction solutions to make property maintenance and improvement a little easier. Explore some other services below. 


Sometimes, you need to expand or update a building on your property. Your home or business might need an extension. Perhaps you want a new shed or storage building to increase your property’s functionality. Either way, our contractors are happy to assist! 

Construction Planning

You might have a future building project in mind. Professional guidance and experienced input can always make the process smoother. Run your ideas by our team with a construction planning consultation. 

Service and Maintenance

The materials on your property will gradually degrade over time. Once they show wear and tear, you need a professional construction service to repair and replace them. Ask us about additional service and maintenance projects, including:

  • Concrete repairs
  • Fence and gate installation
  • Gutter installation
  • Roofing services

We’ll help you maintain an attractive, safe, and functional property, no matter the season or building age. After all, consistent maintenance is essential for long-lasting homes, businesses, and other functional structures. 

Choose Reliable Building Construction in Wichita, KS, From Above & Beyond Roofing & Construction

How does Above & Beyond Roofing & Construction measure up to other businesses that provide building construction in Wichita, KS? Our varied experience means we can more easily adjust our services to your vision. We work around your schedule and offer competitive rates alongside our extensive experience. 

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