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Custom Windows and Doors – Why You Should Make the Investment

When looking to begin replacing your windows and doors, you are faced with two different options – standard or custom. While standard windows and doors are often the more popular, lower-priced options, we’re here to show you why you should seriously consider custom windows and doors for your home.

What are the Benefits of Custom Windows?

Energy Efficient

Not only do standard windows offer little customization when it comes to shapes and sizes, but they also tend to be less energy efficient than custom windows. While you may just assume that a window is “energy efficient” or it’s not, that isn’t necessarily the case. There are many contributing factors to the total effectiveness of its efficiency, such as U-Factor, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), as well as other energy ratings. So, finding a standard window that meets all of these needs can find itself to be a little tricky.

Because your standard, off-the-shelf windows only come available in particular shapes and sizes, the window measurements you are looking to fit may not be available. When there’s not an exact match between the standard window size and the window you’re needing to replace, you’re leaving a lot of room for potential drafts and leaks to seep through. And, as we know, drafts and leaks lead to more expensive utility bills – who wants that?! But, when you decide to go with custom windows, you can be assured they will provide you with outstanding energy efficiency.

Durable and Hassle-Free

If you were to purchase standard windows and they didn’t fit the opening as seamlessly as they should, you’d probably have to make modifications to your home’s structure in order to create a closer fit. With custom windows, you will never have that problem! The windows are made to fit your home; not the other way around.

Custom replacement windows are also made from stronger, more resilient materials that will keep your family safe and even end up saving you money for many years to come. And, because custom windows are made with higher quality materials, they are much more low-maintenance than their box store counterparts!

Aesthetically Pleasing

The customization of your windows doesn’t just stop at its size or style. Custom windows offer an incredibly wide selection of colors, stains, hardware, grilles, and framing that will best suit your home’s style. You could even choose to have different frame and hardware colors for the interior and exterior part of the frame to better match the color scheme of your home – how awesome is that?! To create an even more eye-catching and unique look to your windows, you could even add decorative touches such as patterned glass or divided lite patterns.

What are the Benefits of Custom Doors?

Unique Designs and Features

You can choose to keep it simple or go as extravagant as you’d like. With custom doors, your style possibilities are endless! Want stained glass? You can do that. Sidelights? You can do that too. If you decide to go with a wood door, you can choose from an array of stains to best match your home. You can also incorporate unique architectural details, such as filigrees, into your design. Don’t forget the hardware and glass options you can integrate into your custom door too!

Energy Efficient

Just like with custom windows, custom doors also offer increased energy efficiency. Most custom doors focus on being energy efficient not only through the fit, but also through the materials. Iron doors, for example, can come with a thermal break element, which involves a type of insulation that helps to reduce temperate transference.
An additional bonus of added insulation is a sound reduction – no more noise from cars driving by or those loud next-door neighbors! Also, any glass elements incorporated into the design of your custom door can also be assured to be certified energy efficient. Get ready to save on those utility bills!

Increased Security

Your home’s exterior doors are one of your family’s first lines of defense against both the elements and intruders. Because of this, you definitely don’t want to opt for a cheap, run-of-the-mill door. Instead, you should equip your house with sturdy, well-crafted exterior doors in order to ensure you and your family are protected.

Wrought iron and steel doors, for example, are perfect examples of tough and secure custom doors that can withstand many types of disturbance. Not only that, but they sure look intimidating, too.

Exceptional Quality and Durability

When extreme attention to detail and extra effort are put into making something, you can almost always be assured that the quality will be incredibly high, as well. That’s what makes custom doors so special. They are made from the highest quality materials and measured to create a seamless fit that will guarantee a much longer lifespan than standard doors. Every material, from wood to glass to wrought iron to steel, is made from some of the best materials available; much different than the doors sold at your big box stores. So, if you’re looking for a door that will withstand the test of time, custom is the way to go!

Makes a Statement

Custom doors are made with such detail and precision that it’s no wonder how eye-catching they are! The front door of your home has a big impact on its curb appeal; for it is the first impression others receive when being welcomed into your home. Your door also helps to define what sort of design aspects you’d like your home to portray.

For older homes, consider intricately carved wood doors or French doors that pay homage to the history and structure of the house. For modern homes, think about steel or wrought iron doors that will really make a statement.

A Great Investment

Because a home’s front door is one of the first things a potential buyer notices, you want to make sure it represents the care and love you’ve put into the rest of your home. As is the case with most other cosmetic updates typically done to a home, an updated door also adds value to a home. Make that door a custom one, and even more value will be added on top of that. And, as we have previously mentioned, most custom doors are made to be highly energy efficient, which in turn, provides you with even more savings to an already great investment. Installing a custom door is a quick and easy way to put more value into your home!

The Decision is Yours!

While standard windows and doors found at your neighborhood home improvement stores may seem more convenient, it’s usually worth the time and cost to opt for custom windows and doors instead. There’s nothing quite like a unique, high-quality, and practical door or window to really set your house apart from the others on the block. With so many other additional benefits these custom options offer, why wouldn’t you choose to go this route?

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