Egress Windows

Egress windows are a necessity in case of emergency here in Wichita, Kansas. They provide a space large enough to enter or exit. Egress windows are typically paired with an egress well, ladder, or even a cover for your basement window well. This provides an optimal pathway for escape, with easy steps and protection.

Concrete Egress Window Wells

Although egress windows get a bad reputation for not always looking the best, Above and Beyond of Wichita can make your egress windows compliment your home or commercial building. We can construct your egress windows to look beautiful with a garden, wooden steps, or paved pathways.

Above and Beyond is here to make sure your egress window is built or remodeled to meet all guidelines. Though egress windows   are essential to some homes, the regulations and rules are strict. Let’s take a look to see all of your possibilities.

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Egress Window Features

First and foremost, egress windows provide a safe escape route. If your basement has a bedroom, it’s required by law for the room to have an egress window. These windows provide a quick escape route whether your basement is flooding or the house has caught on fire. Egress windows in Wichita, Kansas can also qualify for waterproofing for your basement. Since basements can present many hazards during emergencies, egress windows help provide an extra peace of mind.

Although you need an egress window for safety, it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice looks as well. Egress windows are perfect for brightening basement areas with natural sunlight. We can optimize your Wichita basement window well to be perfect for displaying plants, small bushes, and other landscaping. Just like regular windows, your egress window can even be the perfect spot to showcase beautiful plants and gardens for your enjoyment.

Above and Beyond has worked on many homes in Wichita, Kansas to provide egress window installation. Give us a call to talk about the possibilities of what we can do for you. Because we offer free estimates, it’s a no hassle call, and you’ll learn lots of information too. Whether you’re installing a new egress window or updating an old one, we have you covered.

Stone and Concrete Egress Window Well

Egress Window Types and Designs

Egress windows come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. They can have wooden wells, vinyl double pane windows, be double hung and slinging, or casement windows.

Double hung windows overlap horizontally. The bottom half of the window usually opens upward, creating an exit. These types of egress windows are a very common style found in many homes throughout Kansas.

On the other hand, sliding windows open from side to side. These windows resemble sliding doors and move along the bottom panel. Sliding windows provide a classy look that help to reflect a doorway.

Finally, casement windows open and close exactly like a door and have a handle which allows for easy use. This allows for the entire window to open up and provide a larger space for exit.

Egress Window Wells

Egress window wells are the area outside of the window that helps you get to higher ground. These areas come with ladders or steps which allow for easy escape from the lower level up to safe ground. Sometimes, egress window wells are covered. These covers need to be easily opened, otherwise they may endanger you or your family.

Egress Window and Metal Window Well

The distance from the window to the back of the well must be at least 36″. Additionally, egress window wells in Wichita are required to be at least 9 square feet large. At Above and Beyond, we can make sure your egress window wells are large enough and easy to use.

Egress Window Requirements

Each kind of egress window has specific requirements that it must meet. Remember, this is your escape route. It must be large enough for anyone to pass through without issue.

Double hung windows are required to be 24 inches from top to bottom. Additionally, they must be at least 35 inches wide.

Sliding egress windows must be at least 41 inches tall. When they’re fully open, they need to be at least 40 inches wide.

Since casement windows act like doors, their size requirements apply to the entire window, not just how far they need to open. These windows need to be at least 24 by 34 inches or 20 by 41 inches.

Egress window size chart

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Egress Window Size Chart

Egress Window Safety Study

An average of 130 people are killed each year in below ground residential fires, while an average of 940 individuals are injured. There are an average of 18,200 fires a year in lower-level living areas, according to a four year study by the National Fire Protection Association. Egress windows help to lower and prevent these injuries and deaths. (Sources: Home Safety Solutions and the National Fire Protection Association)

Brick Egress Window Wells

Egress Windows Installed By Above and Beyond

At Above and Beyond, we make sure to meet all the codes and requirements for egress windows, every time. Egress windows are meant to keep you and your family safe. That’s why we take the utmost care to ensure all guidelines are followed. We adhere to the IRC 2015, or International Residential Code, which provides guidelines for egress windows.

Egress windows must be large enough for everyone to use with little trouble in the event of an emergency. Most basements require egress windows to help provide a means of escape when an emergency breaks out somewhere in the home. Without one, you or your loved ones may be at risk, with no way to escape. Even if a basement is unoccupied, an egress window should be present to provide an emergency exit at your basement window well.

Above and Beyond has diligently looked into all the requirements. When we talk about building or remodeling your egress window, we will cover each and every requirement. Your safety is the most important reason to build an egress window, and we want to make sure it’s done right.


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