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When you need a trustworthy roof repair for storm damage in Wichita, KS, call Above and Beyond at 316-719-2819. We offer free estimates for any project.

When a severe storm rolls through the area, it can wreak havoc on homes and cause serious roof damage, leaving your home vulnerable to further damage. That’s why every homeowner needs a reliable contracting team who can complete storm damage roof repair in Wichita, KS.

If you need storm damage roof repair, other roof repairs, or inspections post-storm, then rely on the experienced team of professionals at Above and Beyond Roofing. Continue reading to explore more about the storm damage repairs we offer so you can remain prepared for ultimate peace of mind. 

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What to Do After a Severe Storm

After a severe storm, you should briefly inspect your home for obvious roof damage. Some of these damages may include water leaks, holes in the roof, and loose or fallen roof shingles. 

This first walk-through will help contractors understand where to begin if there is an immediate issue. Otherwise, after your call, our team comes to your home and thoroughly inspects every square inch for any kind of structural damage.

We’ll repair damaged and other necessary areas, and we can explain how a homeowner’s insurance claim works. Due to our many years in the industry, we know how insurance companies handle storm repairs. This is knowledge you need so you can make a claim and, hopefully, help get your storm damage repair covered. 

Roofing Services for Hail or Wind Damages

Heavy rains can cause damage to homes, but it’s not uncommon for your roof to experience extensive damage due to strong winds and large hail. Most often, large hail and high winds are the cause of lifted or missing roofing shingles, broken gutters, loose asphalt granules, and damaged fascia. 

When you call our team after a heavy storm for roof repairs, we guarantee a timely roof estimate. At Above and Beyond Roofing, we efficiently inspect your residential or commercial property to provide a long-lasting and time-sensitive repair.

Furthermore, our licensed and family-operated team will only replace and repair necessary spots with your approval. During inspections, if we determine any other roofing services are beneficial for your home, we’ll always discuss options to help your home remain safe during the next storm. 

Emergency Roof Repairs

There’s never a convenient time for emergency roof damage. For this reason, it’s valuable to have a local Wichita roofing company that can expedite your emergency roof repair. Our team can handle your emergency roof repairs with ease so you can retain peace of mind.

Above and Beyond Roofing & Construction is your trusted local source for roofing services. Call us today at 316-719-2819.

Get Top-Tier Storm Damage Roof Repair in Wichita, KS

When a severe storm strikes, you can have peace of mind that you have a quality, family-owned and operated roofing team on hand in the event of roofing emergencies. Let Above and Beyond Roofing be your local Wichita roofing and construction team, providing you with high-quality workmanship, roof repairs, and roof replacements. 

Protect your home today by calling Above and Beyond Roofing and Construction at 316-719-2819 for premier and efficient storm damage roof repair in Wichita, KS!