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Take Your Outdoor Space to the Next Level With These Budget-Friendly Tips

By Bret Engle |

Take Your Outdoor Space to the Next Level With These Budget-Friendly Tips –

As a homeowner, you take pride in your home, spending countless hours designing, shopping (and returning), rearranging, and cleaning your home until you achieve that desired look. However, maybe you’ve neglected the exterior reflection of your home – the outdoor space. And with summer here you know you’ll want to make some changes. At this point, your funds might be running a little low, but updating your outdoor space can be done both beautifully and budget-friendly with these tips.

Deck rail cleaning

Deck It Out

If your home has a deck, chances are it’s standard wood with the typical outdoor furniture that resembles what your neighbors have. How can you make your deck stand out from the rest without a huge splurge? Add an eye-catching design element with a painted rug. Not only can you DIY this, but you don’t have to worry about rain and dirt dulling its shine. Don’t underestimate the power of a few throw pillows either. Target has plenty of outdoor pillows to choose from in a variety of styles such as florals, geometrics, stripes, and embellished, all at a low price when you factor in online sales, coupons, and free shipping. Don’t have a deck? Consider splurging and adding one. With an average return on investment of 75.6 percent and the professional handiwork of the builders at Above and Beyond Roofing and Construction, you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space that keeps on giving.

Give Your Patio a Facelift

The patio is the perfect way to enjoy your backyard with family and friends, and the furniture you choose is really what makes it. Opt for the perfect combination of style and comfort. Furniture can be pricey, but you can save on outdoor tables and chairs by shopping your local Walmart both online and in-store. Add extra savings by heading to, and have items shipped directly to the store for free.

While wooden furniture can easily be re-stained, you might think your rusted patio furniture is beyond saving. All it takes to restore metal furniture is some steel wool and a can of spray paint in your favorite color. You can breathe new life into patio cushions as well by reupholstering them using fabric in a bright color or unique pattern.

Add Small Touches That Pack a Punch

Whether you are looking to spruce up your deck, patio, or yard, there are plenty of small touches you can add to make a huge difference. Combine landscaping with easy maintenance by planting flowers in unique planters. Home Depot has plenty of planters to choose from such as barrels, urns, and wall planters. There are also budget-friendly plastic options that are designed to resemble metal and wood. Use this guide from DenGarden to find flowers that will bloom year-round for constant color. For a personalized touch to your outdoor space that is both cheap and easy, you can even create your own stepping stones using mosaic tiles, outdoor fabric, or the handprints of family members and pets.

Add Elements for All-Year Use

With the right design elements, your outdoor space can be used all year long, making it a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. For those cooler nights and seasons, stay warm with a fire pit. While most fire pits can run you several hundred dollars, this tutorial shows you how to make a fire pit for only $60. You can use it to warm up, or roast marshmallows or hotdogs. And consider creating your own mosquito-repellant candles that are both effective and trendy using lanterns and mason jars to keep bugs away during the warmer months. On those days when you want to remain outdoors but the sun has gone down, add some lighting via string lights, lanterns, or landscape lighting.

Deck Maintenance 101 - Cover or store away any furniture or other surfaces you may want protected from the sun and elements.

Don’t let the inside of your home be the only place that reflects your personality and style. Give your outdoor space some love too (and on a budget) with some of the suggestions above. With a few small touches, you can take your outdoor space to the next level.