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When you need a quality contractor for metal siding in Wichita, KS, call Above and Beyond Roofing & Construction at 316-719-2819. We offer free estimates for every job. 

Not only does the siding of your home or business protect your property from the elements, but it also makes a statement about your style and increases curb appeal. As Wichita’s trusted metal siding contractor, our team at Above and Beyond Roofing & Construction provides high-quality siding at competitive pricing.

From metal siding installation to replacement, we know how to protect your home from the harsh Kansas wind and sun. If you’re unsure whether metal siding is the best option for your home, we also provide the following types of siding and more:

Types of Siding we install:

Vinyl Siding
Wood Siding
Stone Veneer

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The Benefits of Metal Siding

What are the benefits of metal siding in Wichita, KS? When you hire Above and Beyond Roofing & Construction as your metal siding installation contractor, you’ll obtain several benefits for your home.

Improved Strength

Metal siding holds up to the toughest extremes of Kansas weather. It easily handles buffeting winds, and it reflects heat, helping it stand up to direct sunlight better than vinyl and some other sidings.

Low Maintenance

While you’ll want to clean your metal siding occasionally, it requires almost no regular maintenance because of how durable it is. Steal siding can last up to 50 years, putting it second in lifespan only to stone veneer siding while remaining a significantly more affordable option.

Better Resistance

Except in the most extreme cases, metal siding can’t catch fire, making it one of the safest options for protecting your home. It’s also highly resistant to water, mold and mildew, insect infestation, and peeling or flaking. For many home and business owners, this makes it a better option than wood shakes or cedar siding.

Saves Money

Opting for metal siding saves you money in a few key ways:

  • Longer lifespan: Since metal siding lasts longer than most other options, you’ll spend less money on metal siding replacement and maintenance. While a cheaper option might provide more up-front savings, metal is better in the long term.
  • Temperature regulation: Because steel siding reflects heat, it acts as insulation and helps you maintain the temperature in your home. This equates to significant savings on your utility bills.
  • Affordability: While more expensive than vinyl or wood, metal is more affordable than stone veneers. Although steel has the highest price point, aluminum offers similar durability for a more affordable cost.

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If you’re searching for “metal siding near me,” look no further than Above and Beyond Roofing & Construction. As Wichita’s most trusted metal cladding contractor and siding experts, we spend time finding the best siding solution for your home and business. With free estimates, a wealth of experience, and a locally owned and operated team of specialists, we can meet your needs better than any other company.

At Above and Beyond Roofing & Construction, we’re not just experts in metal siding. We understand that your home requires a comprehensive approach to ensure its beauty, functionality, and safety. That’s why we’ve expanded our services to include a range of solutions, each delivered with the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Explore our additional services:

For each of these services, we bring the same level of expertise and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from Above and Beyond Roofing & Construction. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you enhance every aspect of your home.

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