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Roofs are oftentimes the last thing on anyone’s mind, in both their home and business, until it starts to fall apart. Turbulent weather, sun damage, and age can all contribute to roof damage. Roof replacements can be costly, and in some cases may require the entire roof be torn down due to building codes. A full roof replacement or tear down isn’t always the only option – roof coatings can be a viable option. Above and Beyond Roofing are reliable roof coating contractors, who have years of experience, and can help walk you through finding the best solution to fixing your damaged roof. 

Roof coatings have many advantages over roof replacements, such as lower costs, heat reflection, energy efficiency and savings, industrial durability, minimal maintenance, waterproof, and lightweight. While roof coatings can have many advantages over a full roof replacement, our team will make sure we inspect your current roof and ask thorough questions to ensure we understand the full situation at hand before recommending roof coating. 

The team at Above and Beyond Roofing does exactly as our name says – your roof is an important investment of your house, and maintaining it properly is critical. We realize that when you look for help, you’re seeking a contractor who will do just as they say. Too often there are roofing contractors that make false promises, and end up providing poor quality roofing services. Your search for a Wichita roof coating contractor ends here; you can count on us to provide competitive prices, honest opinions, and dependable services. Contact us today to learn more about our roofing services, and if roof coating may be a good solution for your home or business.

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